Email Club… Why Not? Truckload Pricing on Restaurant Supplies in Tucson AZ!

So … We here at Standard Restaurant Supply, are always, speaking with our suppliers and negotiating great deals for all our customers. In many cases, these offers are so awesome that we will place the brand-new items out on our showroom floor and they will be gone in days! It’s too bad that a lot of our clients don’t get an opportunity to see these bargains.

Introducing …

Standard Restaurant Supply’s New Email Club!


This is a brand-new channel that we have produced that lets you know when these discounts take place! We do not want to spam your email box, we are merely going to tell you when we get a good deal so you get a chance to participate!

Click HERE to register for the email club.

Sign up for our email club and start making the most of these truckload offers on restaurant supplies in Tucson today!